(above) Bobby Katz, Bunny Newell, and Soupy Farnsworth in a generic 1934 Millennia publicity still.


(above) Soupy Farnsworth has his hands full on the cover of this movie herald announcing The Catecrashers (1936).

(above) A newspaper ad for the seventh and final Farnsworth Four comedy, Left Is Right (1933).

(above) A candid 1931 snapshot of Farnsworth and Katz playing ball on the Millennia Studios backlot.


(above) Soupy Farnsworth seems unimpressed with his costars on this lobby card for Bull's Eye! (1938).

(above) A 1928 Dutch film magazine featuring Farnsworth and Katz.

(above) A rare 1935 magazine ad for Magic Cheese Chips.

(above) Weight machine card circa 1930.